Ursula Barbieri – Life Alignment Healer

Energy Healing for Personal Transformation”

Ursula Barbieri has been practicing as a healer for more than 15 years. She is a licensed Life Alignment practitioner (registered therapy with the British Complementary Medicine Association); a Shamanic Healer (trained with the Four Winds Society – Healing the Light Body School); a Shamanic Counsellor (trained with Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies). 

Life Alignment is a holistic therapy that helps you re-balance your mind-body system in the areas of health, relationships and work.  This deeply restorative therapy draws on techniques from energy healing, psychology and neuroscience, as well as different ancient spiritual and healing traditions. 

The system has shown to help for many emotional and physical conditions including: 
  • anxiety and depression
  • stress and trauma
  • self-limiting beliefs and emotional instability
  • ancestral and karmic healing 
  • hormonal and immune system imbalances
  • infection patterns
  • digestive problems
  • structural pain and more.
The system works by identifying specific psychological and energy blockages, which are rebalanced through inner-directed emotional processes. 

The Life Alignment Healing  System is designed for the following:
If you would like to know more or have any questions for Ursula, please give her a call or drop her a line.  
Website: www.ursulabarbieri.com
Tel: 07918 171 472

Ever since I started working under Ursula’s guidance my life has taken on new dimensions. A sense of deep healing has permeated my daily existence and there’s the buzz of spiritual adventure in the air. The work is based on such strong foundations and careful understanding of the nature of energy that I feel safe enough to explore further and further. Every session is a new experience and I love the way that we find together different approaches depending on where I am that day.
Diane Samuels, Writer

I remember in particular a session with Ursula after which I felt a strong sense of opening in the area of the heart chakra. This feeling stayed strong and warm for at least 3 days. And suddenly I could cope with other people again. I could have conversations again and enjoy the presence of other people, neither of which I had been able to do comfortably since my breakdown many years ago. It has been an indescribable blessing to have my emotional self back.
Joy, Student

Life Alignment is by far the most powerful thing I have ever done. It is deep work; it uncovers core patterns very quickly and brings them up to be released.  What I love about this work is that it is powerful but also gentle and I highly recommend Ursula.  She assists you in going deeper when you need to go deeper and let go when the time is right.  She holds you in a loving space, nudging you to peel away the layers to find your true soul self, uncovering more of who you really are.
Tahni Lamonde-Lyle, Artist

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