Maureen Evans - Reflexology & Indian Head Massage 

"I approach my therapy work, both mind and body, with emphasis on a one to one professional relationship, genuinely caring for each client as a whole person.  This then helps me connect with the person, allowing me to understand and treat them holistically, working towards their wellbeing goals.  I use both talk and touch communication to provide a balanced , healing perspective to each individual client's health issues".  Maureen Evans

Reflexology is a complementary therapy involving the treatment of various disorders by applying precise and minute pressure to areas of the feet which are called "reflex areas".  Reflexology treatments are commonly applied to the feet but can also be applied to the hand i.e. a guide to find out where imbalances are in the body.  Imbalance presents itself in the body by causing tension, congestion and inflammation which can, untreated, cause disease.  Reflexology can address and treat the imbalances and is therefore a method for initiating the healing powers of the body to achieve "homeostasis" - a state of balance. Once the balance has been discovered Reflexology can be used preventatively i.e. to keep the mind and body healthy and to promote relaxation and wellbeing. Reflexology treatments are commonly applied to the feet but can also be applied to the hands.

Maureen is a Reflexologist at Canononbury Natural Health Clinic and is a member of the International Federation of Reflexologists (IFR), which is the governing body that regulates and supports the reflexology profession. She trained with Ann Gillanders, the founder of The British School of Reflexology (BSR), where she gained a Diploma in Reflexology and in Anatomy and Physiology, and has been a practitioner for over thirteen years.  With a background of counselling from the Central School of Counseling and Therapy Maureen integrates communication skills with complementary therapy skills to offer an eclectic holistic approach to her Reflexology sessions. i.e. connecting health and disease, the physical and psychological aspects of each individual as an approach to treat the whole person.   

Maureen is also a qualified massage therapist in Swedish Body Massage  and Indian Head Massage (Champissage)  - and trained with the well known therapist Nahendra Metha at the London Centre of Indian Champissage.
*Home visits available on request*

Maureen would be happy to answer any questions you might have, and can be reached via the following:
PH: 07950 804 734


"I was experiencing digestive problems for a long time. I consulted Maureen to discuss Reflexology.  I was impressed with her professional attitude and her ability to make each session a relaxing experience that benefitted my health.   My digestive problem is no longer a problem and with regular Refeloxogy I can now manage the condition." 
Tracy: - Administrator

During my pregnancy I had regular Reflexology to help with a healthy pregnancy.   Maureen treated me throughout my pregnancy and her Reflexolgy sessions were not only amazingly relaxing but focussed on my thoughts, feelings, in a really natural way that supported me in so many unexpected ways through my pregnancy.  She has magic healing hands and her Reflexology sessions have to be experienced.  
Marie: Mum/Accountant

My job is very demanding and stressful and I was suffering with insominia, headaches, raised blood pressure.  I went to see my doctor who suggested complementary therapy.  I was sceptical but thought it was worth one treatment.  I contacted Maureen and was surprised how much I gained from that session and one treatment.  I can't say I got it initially but definiately felt good so continued with more sessions.  I now have treatments weekly and am pleasantly surprised how it helps me with my stress levels.  
Harry: City Trader

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