Lizzie Ackerley 

Having both studied and practised in the ever changing field of Sports Science since I was 17, gaining a Degree in Sports Sciences from Brunel University and a certificate in Advenced Holistic Nutrition from the School of Natural Health Sciences, I can very confidently say that I love what I do.

Not only does my passion for both Personal Training and Holistic Nutrition mean that I make it a regular part of the service to go that little bit further in helping my clients, but it also means that when I'm not working with clients I am practising what I preach.  Keeping up to date with new research and following the ever changing sciences that training and nutrition are. 

Working with you to make your body strong and healthy and fueling it in the right way for your lifestyle, enjoyment, goals and commitments to live a healthful, energetic life should be the priority of any programme.  In this way I will help you to reach your goals and understand how to maintain them in the long term.

If you have any questions or would like to book in with Lizzie, she can be contacted on:
PH: 07971 452 72


"Lizzie's workouts are always tough and challenging which I love and she gives you the encouragement to keep  going and push yourself that bit further! Her ability to listen well and her sensitive nature gives you confidence and empowers you to keep motivated and to believe in yourself and achieving your fitness goals. Her knowledge as a Nutritionist is an added benefit in helping me achieve my weight loss goals and developing an all round healthier lifestyle.  I always leave my session on a high and am pleased with my progress so far feeling fitter, stronger and more toned". Karlyn Stephen

Aydin Eshref - Personal Trainer

My love for sport and fitness began with a life full of games, activities and sport, both recreational and semi-proffesional.  It was this that made me want to pursue a career in something physically active and fun.

I qualified 8 years ago as a personal trainer, however my own training started when I was 16 and found many valuable lessons were learnt through my experience in the gym and the results I did or didn't get. My goal as a personal trainer is quite simply to make your goal my goal, make this the foundation of what we do and ensure we get there safely, effectively but most importantly in a way that you enjoy. Exercise and more importantly health should be enjoyable. My aim is to fully educate all clients so that they can take away a healthy, sustainable mindset and body that is in your own hands and control.

Aydin can be contacted on:
PH: 07869 938 614



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