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Tanja has practised massage therapy in various locations in Islington since originally starting out at The Canonbury Natural Health Clinic 12 years ago. Tanja has a strong belief in science, Western medicine and basic common sense. As well as working as a massage therapist, Tanja will be launching a YouTube channel this year to educate the public about how our bodies work and will be working with professionals in various fields to break down misconceptions. 

Tanja's clients range from very active people (like professional dancers, marathon runners and busy mums) to those with a more sedentary lifestyles (such as office workers). Tanja has also worked with amputees, such as ex-Olympic Judo runner up Josie Horton (Barcelona Olympics), who lost part of her leg last year.

Tanja is a member of the IPTI and offers mobile massage for women, as well as working at Canonbury Natural Health Clinic.

Tanja offers the following massage therapies:
  • Sports and remedial massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Pregnancy massage using a specially designed cushion set that allows you to lie face down
  • Holistic massage
  • Natural facelift massage


30 minutes = £30 (available on Saturdays only)
45 minutes = £55
60 minutes = £65
75 minutes = £75
90 minutes = £90
2 hours = £130

60 minute Workshop on Massage During Labour and Pregnancy
This is a home visit workshop to teach your partner how to give you a pain-relieving massage during labour and how to give you a relaxing pregnancy massage. It takes about 60 minutes and costs £65.

Special Offers

  • Buy a course of three 60 min massage for £165
  • Buy a course of five massages of the same length and get a sixth free.  You can even share this with a friend.
  • There are often last minute discounts on The Bodywork Studio's Facebook page.


Phone: 07827 975 440
Email: Tanja.drayton@gmail.com
Website: www.bodyworkstudio.co.uk

"Tanja is a gem and I am so glad to have tried her pregnancy massage. I suffer from bad pelvic pain and was not aware of how the tight muscles in my hips and glutes were aggravating the problem. I kept postponing trying a massage as I was scared of trusting anyone who wouldn't know what they are doing, and would potentially make matters worse. I wished I had gone earlier! Tanja is not only a lovely person but also very knowledgeable and skilled. She listened carefully and knew exactly what to do, and gave me a proper, deep massage. She has strong hands, lots of experience and all the right techniques. Another plus is her special pregnancy cushion that has kind of a hole for your belly, so you can lie safely and comfortably on your front. That alone is a big relief after months of not having been able to stretch out face down! I have been 3 or 4 times so far and have improved so much in this time, and will sure continue to go to try all her other treatments after the baby comes. If you are after a proper, strong massage to relieve tension or just want to relax, feel pampered and taken care of, don't hesitate!"

"I purchased this for my husband as a birthday gift. He was in need of a serious sports massage and this was absolutely perfect. Tanja knew exactly what she was doing. She talked us through his injuries, how it's caused and how best to approach it. This sports massage is definitely not for the faint hearted so I'd recommend it to anyone who is looking for a proper sports massage! Thanks again Tanja!"

"Consistently excellent. Tanja's massage does not follow a repetitive or "learnt" pattern but works deeply on the tensions she encounters in your body on any given day. She is extremely strong, knowledgeable and dedicated to her clients - evidenced by the ever-increasing numbers of clients she counts as "regulars". I have seen her as often as I've been able to over three years, beginning with back and shoulder pain during pregnancy - which Tanja eased superbly - and continuing as my small baby turned into a toddler and lifting her put increasing strain on the back muscles. The massage is always transformative. I always feel it is value for money. Tanja's massage is much more than just a relaxing experience, it is real Body Work, and I recommend it wholeheartedly."

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