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Reiki (pronounced ray kee) can be understood as 'universal life energy'. It is a form of therapy that involves the flow of this energy through the practitioner to the client. A treatment involves the client laying on a massage couch, fully clothed and covered as the practitioner places their hands in positions along the front and back of the body as corresponding to the body's energy centres. For clients who prefer, the practitioner can hold their hands above the body.

Reiki stimulates the body's innate healing ability and promotes a profound sense of wellbeing. Deep relaxation, a sense of inner balance and alleviation of symptoms whether physical, emotional or psychological are some of the benefits of this wonderful therapy. 


£60 for 60 minutes 
£80 for 90 minutes


I offer training in all 3 levels of Reiki. Please contact me for more information. 
Level 1 - £150
Level 2 - £300
Level 3 -  £500


Phone - 07415 721 788
Email -


"I started seeing Annabel a few months ago now and found the Reiki sessions extremely beneficial.
I'd been experiencing some stress and anxiety from a busy work environment and found Reiki to be both calming and a very centering experience.
I always leave a session feeling much more relaxed and with a sense of clarity, physically less tense and with a sense of lucidity.
I found Annabel very friendly, professional and informative regarding her work.
I shall definitely be continuing Reiki!"
Mr. P McDonald, 50

"Annabel has been giving me Reiki since the beginning of the year and it has helped with all sorts of aches and pains. I always feel refreshed afterwards with sparkly eyes and rosy cheeks. It is very relaxing and Annabel has a lovely, warm and friendly manner."
Joan, 78

"I've had Reiki lots of times and I always feel powerful afterwards!"
(my son, 12)


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