Maureen Evans - Psychodynamic Counselling

Counselling provides a safe, impartial and non-judgmental environment to enable clients to process a way through difficulties and problems that is contributing to feelings of unhappiness and blocks them from reaching their potential and from being their genuine self.

The therapeutic relationship between therapist and client is a step towards moving forward emotionally with more self-awareness, self-confidence and positive self-esteem and to live with more balanced mental health and wellbeing.

Maureen is a psychodynamic trained, qualified and experienced Counsellor.  Psychodynamic is a therapeutic approach which examines past behavioural patterns, thoughts and feelings that are blocked in the unconscious mind and bring them to the conscious mind as a way of connecting with them in the present time and to live a healthier, more positive life.

Maureen trained at the Central School of Counselling and Therapy and is a member of British School of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).  She has experience in both organisations and private practice, for example,Maureen has worked for the National Mental Health Charity MIND with a diverse group of clients with a variety of mental health issues.  She has also worked for Brooke Advisory Service, counselling clients on all aspects of sexual health,for example,  relationships, contraception, infertility, sexuality, abuse, abortion.  Maureen is also a Holistic Therapist and believes in treating the whole person both Mind and Body.
PH: 07950 804 734
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