Esther Mason -  Shiatsu

"This treatment has strength and sensitivity, it is personalised and transforming."
When our energy or Chi is compromised through stress, trauma, life style, life events - we experience symptoms such as discomfort, pain, desensitisation or illness which can manifest at physical, mental, emotional levels.

I have worked for nearly two decades as a Shiatsu practitioner and I additionally draw on Sukshma Marma Therapy and Systemic Constellation therapy.   

Treatments attend to the body and the mind, helping to calm the system, reduce the levels of stress and restore the body’s natural balance towards healing.  In my experience, the quality of informed touch is a powerful tool in the process and ensures the effectiveness of the treatment. 

I have supported many people throughout their experience of illness and pain, grief, work challenges, pregnancy and childbirth, care giving, and also through times of personal growth and development.

The treatment takes place fully clothed on a massage table. Applying pressure along the meridians, using gentle rocking, stretching or holding techniques in very specific areas. A brief case history is taken before the session and some feedback to integrate the session takes place at the end.  

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and refrain from eating a heavy meal just prior to the treatment.
* Esther also practices Systemic Constellations Therapy at The Canonbury Natural Health Clinic.  More information can be found HERE
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1 hour: £75


"Esther creates a peaceful space for rest and release, for internal investigation and understanding. She helps us find connection and expansion. It's a precious time, without agenda -  out of the world and busyness; a reset. Precious indeed." 

“Esther diagnosed what was wrong immediately and started to
‘knead’ away my problem.  My whole body seemed to be melting as I sank
deeper and deeper into relaxation; often in my sessions I’d fall asleep
before the end.  I often swore at the time that Esther saved my sanity and
made it possible for me to keep going.”

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