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Anne was born and grew up in France but has lived most of her adult life in the UK. She always benefited from the care of homeopathic physicians as a child and became fascinated by its application when training in homeopathy for pregnancy and childbirth 20 years ago.

Having completed her training at the Centre for Homeopathic Education in London (BScHons, LCH) she uses a mix of the British and French approaches to homeopathy, with a focus on organ and system support.

Her experience and understanding of highly pressurised work environments and her interest in side-effects of hormonal treatments (pill, IVF, HRT) and cancer treatments (Chemotherapies and radiotherapy) bring additional qualities to her practice.

Anne also teaches Anatomy,Physiology and Pathology at the North West College of Homeopathy.
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Adult 1st consultation (90mn) £85, Follow up £65
Child 1st consultation (60mn) £65, Follow up £50


'I initially saw Anne to help with eczema and psoriasis that I had struggled with for years, which conventional medicine had not helped. The improvement in my skin was dramatic and for the first time in years my skin healed completely. Since then I have been through some major life crisis including breast cancer and bereavement. Anne has helped me cope with the emotional turmoil and the after effects of the cancer treatment, in particular persistent post-operative breast pain and exhaustion from radiotherapy. Her kind and compassionate approach combined with an extensive
knowledge of physiology has enabled me to regain my health and well-being. I would thoroughly recommend Anne to anyone who feels they would benefit from a more holistic approach, her advice and experience have been invaluable.’
Julie, Painter and Print maker

Anne Gabarre has always showed a professional and friendly approach in her consultations. She has treated my whole family with great results, taking a genuine interest in each of us. I have always felt in good hands as the knowledge and expertise she delivers clearly and simply come from many years of practice. I would recommend Anne without hesitation.’
Virginie, Shiatsu Practitioner

‘Anne has looked after me for a number of years now, dealing with sudden emergencies like a bout of flu to deep-seated problems such as my rosacea. She is diligent, caring and invariably effective. Most importantly, her approach is extremely pragmatic and she takes into account the inescapable pressures and stresses of my lifestyle. She finds solutions.’
Mark, Actor

‘I cannot recommend Anne highly enough. Anne is a thorough and understanding homeopath. She really takes the time to understand the issues and she investigates deeply and will always find a solution that fits. Her past experience in the business world helps her understand stresses and tensions that are not necessarily medical and I believe that this makes her a very complete and intuitive practitioner. Anne is happy to work alongside traditional medication (in my case, thyroid meds) and will find ways to support me in the best possible way. Anne has been successfully treating my family and me for the last 4 years. She is especially popular with my 3 children, who always ask for Anne when they are feeling poorly. Highy highly recommended.’
Faiza, Mother, Chief Marketing Officer

'Over the months I have visited Anne, we built up a really lovely patient/practitioner relationship. She not only supported me with the ailments I went to her with but emotionally too and was a really good listener. I always felt comforted and understood after a visit. She has helped me considerably and hopefully will continue to do so.’
Sarah, Mother

‘My body and mind are much more able to cope. I am really grateful. Thank you’
Sophie, Mother and Model

 ‘Anne is the best in the world. Once I was quite sick with kidney problems and after a few days my sickness had gone. I was also having nightmares and could not sleep and then I started sleeping much much better. She is always kind to me and she really listens to me and when I first met her I was not afraid, unlike some doctors. She also has the best dog ever.’
Louis, age 10​

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